Needle Felting

I tend to gravitate towards animals that are a little goofy looking but sometimes I just feel the need to try to replicate an interesting feature with wool. Items marked as sold can typically be created again – please contact me to discuss. Click on the image if you are interested in purchasing.

Needle felted highland cow or hairy coo head faux taxidermy with tan felt horns that curl up at black ends, a peach colored nose and ears and long curly brown, tan and cream merino wool and tussah silk blended shaggy hair that covers the eyes.
Patty – Highland Cow – sold
Needle felted pony bust in white with paper rod spikes and brown silk mane.  The bust is mounted on a steel rod on a cherry block.
Punk Rock Pony
Needle felted lion fish felted from sari silk waste and merino wool with mulberry silk spines
Richard – Lionfish
Needle felted valais sheep head faux taxidermy with tan and brown striped curly horns and white and black long curly wool locks and a small silver colored bell hanging around the neck.  The head is mounted on a weathered gray wall plaque for easy hanging.
Wallis – Valais Sheep – sold
Needle felted bue-ringed octopus made from cream wool for the head, body and tentacles and tan circles ringed with blue and yellow.  Eyes made from buttons and the tentacles have wire armature to allow for shaping.  The octopus is mounted to an antique blue enamel pan cover.
Ooblar – Blue-ringed Octopus
Needle felted emu head and neck faux taxidermy mount with dark gray wool feathers on head, light gray wool on beak and upper neck feathers and gray and brown wool feathers on lower neck.  Striking orange eyes. The head is mounted on a piece of weathered barn wood
Doug – Emu – sold
Rainbow trout sculpture made from needle felted wool in pink, orange and blue and mounted on live edge stump
Jumping Jack – Rainbow Trout
Needle felted life size northern saw-whet owl made with varying shades of brown wool for body and wing feathers with a ring of cream around yellow eyes.  The own is sitting on a homemade spalted maple live edge shelf.
Screech- Northern Saw-whet Owl – sold
Moon – Asian Bullfrog
Needle felted arctic fox head faux taxidermy mount made from white merino wool and tussah silk blend fibers for the fur and blue gray eyes outlined in black silk. The muzzle has gray freckles and wire for whiskers and the nose is black wool.  The head is mounted on a weathered gray plaque for hanging on the wall
Luna – Arctic Fox
Needle felted Gray Angler Fish named Belle with working light
Belle – Angler Fish – sold
Needle felted 3D peacock with royal blue wool for head, neck and body.  Green and blue tufts of wool on the top of the head and a shibori pleated wool skirt of feathers with an ombre blue to green to gray green and embroidered crosses for detail.  Mounted on a black fram where the feathered skirt overhangs.
Cyrus – Peacock – sold
Needle felted faux taxidermy pufferfish head in bright teal blue with white belly,  purple striped fins, purple and yellow polka dots, blue spikes and oversized yellow eyes mounted on white plaque for wall hanging
Gizmo – Pufferfish
Jeffrey – Alpaca – sold
Needle felted inky mushrooms and creamy button mushrooms blanketed across moss and stones made from wool and a brown life like snail nestled among the forest. The scene is mounted on a live edge slab of ash for a beautiful cottage core centerpiece
Fairy garden mushroom forest on live edge ash

Wood and Wool Fusion Art

I think live edge slabs of wood are works of art on their own so I build on their beauty by pairing them with an original wool painting that is an echo of the wood’s shape or movement.

Peacock created from combination of needle felted teal, blue and brown wool  mounted on live edge walnut slab.  Peacock feathers are hand embroidered
Argus the Walnut Peacock
Needle felted lions head with citron green eyes and teal, purple, brown and gold long curly wool locks for mane.  Mounted under live edge wood slab with felted lion paw print
Custom headboard made from 7 ft by 3 ft spalted elm live edge slab. Multiple animal shapes were pulled from the lines in the wood and felted on the surface including a moose, owl, badger, walleye, snapping turtle and rattle snake
Northwoods Headboard commission on 7 ft spalted elm slab – includes moose, owl, badger, walleye, snapping turtle and rattlesnake
Needle felted weimaraner head integrated into live edge walnut slab
Weimaraner commission integrated into live edge walnut
Spalted maple slab and needle felted ball python
Spalted maple snakeskin and integrated felt ball python
Needle felted velvet moose with locust wood and paper rod antlers
The velvet moose
Spalted maple moose
Spalted maple slab with black spots integrated into a felt head of a clouded leopard with feather ribs for whiskers
Spalted maple clouded leopard on branch
Hairy coo or highland cow head made from wood and needle felted wool with silk tendrils for hair
Great owl in spalted wood and felted
Errol the grey owl – sold
pheasant created from needle felted head and neck, pitted live edge wood body and wet felted tail feathers
Dimples the pheasant
large scale shibori wet felting technique used to create a piece of felt that looks like a piece of wood complete with rings and knots.  The felt is mounted inside an open black frame in mirror opposite to a live edge walnut slab
Shibori Texture Felt and Walnut Slab
Nuno felted flame with red, orange and yellow wool with accents of teal and blue mounted on a flame shaped live edge slab or ash
Flame felt mounted on ash slab – sold
Nuno ‘stained glass’ felt and walnut slab – sold
Shibori texture wet felting piece that emulates the beach with ripples of blues and greens for the water, gold and tan for the beach and curly wool in a cascade of frothy water.  Some see a grouper shape when they look at it.  This is mounted on a live edge slab of spalted maple
Shibori Texture Felt and Maple Slab
Coin slabs of box elder tree with red wool between to pull out the red graining in the wood.  Paired with 5 wet felted red, orange and gold curly wool flowers with alternating blue velvet and green satin pistils and white wool rope stems.
Box Elder Flowers
Live edge maple slab with movement that looked like the breaking of a wave, paired with a wool painting of varied blue, grey and white merion wool, joomchi paper strings, curly wool and silk felted to echo the movement of the wood.  The wool painting sits on top of a blue velvet background and the pieces are paired together in a reflection.  The combined piece looks like both a wave and a whale.
Ocean – sold
Nuno felted wool art depicting rain drops in a puddle with variegated blues, golds, browns and creams and a black border hung in an open black frame opposite of a live edge walnut slab
Rain drops in puddle – sold
Nuno felted wool tapestry with one red and black koi and once blue and yellow speckled with purple crosshatch scaled koi swimming in the yin and yang position. The koi is mounted by wood pegs to a live edge slab of walnut that is naturally fish shaped
Nuno felt Koi Fish and Walnut Slab
Free standing sculpture titled Erupting Seed Pod. A 3.5 ft tall hackberry wood slab split in half and mounted at a slight angle with layers of media in between of graded transparency.  Bottom layer is cream felt with rips that expose gray felt, middle layer is cheesecloth with embroidery and top layer is rafia and cheesecloth
Erupting Seed Pod

Wool Paintings

I started my journey with felting taking a local art class on painting landscapes with wool and fell in love with the medium. I now create paintings inspired by nature.

Wet felted 3D galaxy painting in blues, yellows and grays.  With ringed rock planets, worm hole tubes and star trails.  Painting is 24x18, mounted in a yellow burlap mat and simple black frame.
Tree in Snow – sold
Wool painting that started with a copper repousse bird in the center.  Wet felted branches in merino wool, silk fibers and big teak leaf mulberry paper with free motion embroidery, hand embroidery and beaded embellishments.  Painting is 24x18, and mounted in a faux brown leather mat and simple black frame.
Family Bird
Wool painting of night reflection with hand embroidered full moon, navy felt background, cream felt reflection in the water and wavy free motion embroidery in the sky
Night Reflection

I like to create sculpture incorporating found objects, especially when the object is an antique that I can repurpose into a contemporary art piece. For instance, I found a clothes drying rack from 1887 and knew that it would make an impressive hanging installation.

I have also started scavenging branches from the woods and creating branch weavings using wool roving, yarn, silk ribbons, fabric and felt remnants.

An explosion of silk in various forms: silk cocoons, bronze sari silk and merino wool fiber blended bursts and cream and polka dot sari silk ribbons all hung amonst twinkle lights from an antique clothes dryer circa 1887.  The sculpture installation is 68 in wide when the rack is opened up wide and is 6 ft tall.
Silk Galaxy – Merino/Silk blend fibers, silk cocoons, sari silk ribbons mounted to antique clothes dryer
Branch weaving in a fish shape with gray and cream merino wool, brown, green, gold and chartreuse wool yarn, black eyelash yarn and burlap.
Weaver Fish – Branch Weaving – sold
Branch weaving set inside birch frame.  Weaving in black, grey and blue with paper woven throughout that has printed rejections from previous art shows
Rejection – Branch Weaving
Branch Waving emulating the texture of bark with cream merino wool, brown and black wool yarn and cream sari silk ribbon.  Branch is 42 in tall with 2 distinct v branches.
Texture of Bark – Branch Weaving
Branch weaving that emulates the lichen all around the branch using merino wool in gray and cream, wool yarns in red, green, gold and chartreuse, gray wool rope roving and cotswald curly wool.  The branch  is 48 in tall and has a large v at teh bottom and a small v at the top both woven.
Lichen – Branch Weaving
Bright red dogwood branch with soft white angora yarn woven in branches and a branching red yarn mimicking the branching structure.
Tree of Life – Branch Weaving – sold
Bright red and chartreuse wool yarn woven into a circle pattern within a birch branch
Birch Circle – Branch Weaving – sold
Branch weavings in silver maple and birch branches
Silver maple and birch branch weavings
Black and white branch weaving in birch branch titled whispers in the dark
Whispers in the Dark branch weaving – available for sale on Etsy

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