Valais lamb head and butt

Valais sheep are some of most adorable animals on the planet so I decided to create a small valais lamb head portrait. I did not take any shots of the work in progress so this is going to be a short blog post.

I had a wet felted background that I had never used so I started with that and then needle felted the head structure so there was some dimension. I then added both white and black teeswater locks and mounted the head inside a 5x7in black frame.

needle felted valais lamb head with orange and pink ombre background mounted in 5x7 black frame

A very cute little guy! However, I couldn’t get over those little black knees so I decided to create the corresponding lamb butt. I again used the same background material and a 5×7 black frame. This time the frame was mounted vertically.

needle felted valais lamb butt and hind legs with orange to purple ombre background mounted in 5x7 black frame

The combined result makes me smile. For those local to the Milwaukee area, you can see this little valais lamb in person next week (Aug 12-13) at the Morning Glory Art Show in the Deer District.

faux taxidermy valais sheep head and butt
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