Lions, pheasants and flowers, oh my!

I have a show coming up in Wausau in September and thought that a pheasant would be a good addition to my collection for that show. Found this great pitted piece of wood that I I had my husband cut into the shape of a pheasant body.

Pitted piece of live edge wood cut in the shape of a pheasant body

Sorry I didn’t create a lot of in process shots. I was in the zone and this project came together quickly. The tail feathers and bottom feathers were wet felted and wired and the head was needle felted. Upon first assembly, I realized that the body needed to be filled in more.

First assembly of a pheasant created from needle felted head, pitted wood body and wet felted tail feathers

I blended wool to match the wood coloring and found small beads that mimicked the pits in the wood.

Pheasant created from needle felted head and neck and felted interior with beading. Wood body and wet felted tail feathers

Sat with this guy for a couple of days and decided that the neck needed more texture to look more like a pheasant’s feathers. I decided to build the neck up a bit and like the result much better.

Close up of pheasant head with felted feathers in teal and blue for texture
Close up of the neck – I think I will name him Dimples


Once I finished the pheasant, I had a cutoff piece that looked like a lion’s paw print. I felted in the missing parts to complete the print.

Lions paw print found in live edge wood  piece highlighted with felt

The paw print inspired me to make a second lion. My first lion (blog here) was sold at the Barrington art fair earlier this year. I have a couple of shots of the head in process that I can share.

This time I decided to create a mane with long locks.

Needle felted lions head with long curly multicolored locks for a mane mounted from live edge wood panel with lions paw print on it

And Flowers, Oh My

I also completed a branch weaving that I really love. Again, no in process shots – sorry. This one started with a metal heart that I used upside down as a flower bud. I then wet felted 2 additional flowers that had similar coloring. The weaving is inside a branch that is long and skinny so I wove it as a bouquet.

Branch weaving of pink and orangey yellow combined with wet felted flowers

It has been a busy month! I learned that my python has been accepted for exhibit at the Confluence of Art Annual at the Pablo Center in Eau Claire, I am a finalist for the Keller Prize and I have added the Morning Glory show held in the Deer District in Milwaukee on Aug 12-13 to my docket so it looks like Aug is going to be busy too! 🙂

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