Handling Rejection

Everyone knows that art is subjective so it goes without saying that there will be times that you submit pieces for a show and are not selected. I decided to create a weaving that symbolizes my handling of rejection. Nobody likes to get the email that says, “Not selected” or “Unfortunately”, over the past couple of months it seemed like I was getting ALOT of those emails. I received some acceptances too but it’s so much easier to wallow in rejection than in validation, isn’t it?

I decided to process the rejections into a new piece and started a branch weaving. The weaving is in blacks and blues and greys and starts with a gaping hole in the middle.

Big gaping hole

Once the yarn weaving was complete, I printed out all of the rejection emails onto mulberry silk paper and made paper ribbons. I then wove those ribbons throughout the weaving. The word “Unfortunately” dangles from the top of the hole.

Close up of rejection letters woven in

I did not capture any images of it but I thought it was poetic that most of the ink ran together during my first attempt at creating the ribbons. It became a giant murky blob of rejection that all ran together. The second attempt I fused a linen paper that was more ink fast with the silk paper. I also created 2 little negativity spirals in the corners.

Negativity Spiral of Text

The final piece includes ragged weaving ends exposed. I also took a razor to the soft blue yarn to make it messy and raw. My weaving was cathartic and hopefully sums up how others and not just I handle rejection.

Final Piece – “Rejection”

I submitted it for a Northwood’s show and can’t decide what would be the more ironic outcome. Having a piece on handling rejection accepted to the show or having it rejected so that I have additional fodder for the next piece!

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