Punk Rock Pony

My punk rock pony came about as a revamp of an existing piece. Those of you that follow my work may recognize Bisou the draft horse. This piece received many likes and was favorited quite often but I felt like it could be something more.

Needle felted white horse head with brown merino and silk fiber mane set inside an antique horse collar.

First, I lengthened the bridge of her nose, darkened her muzzle and increased the size of her eyes. Then I decided that I didn’t like her as taxidermy hanging against the wall. I pulled her off the plaque and lengthened the neck so she could be a sculpture. Sorry – I forgot to take pictures in process!

Around the time that I converted her to a sculpture, I read an article by Daniel Swanick that highlighted the work of Jeffro Uitto. Jeffro creates amazing sculptures from driftwood.

Driftwood sculptures by Jeffro Uitto

His horse busts inspired me to kick Bisou’s look up a few notches and go punk rock. I created a series of wool ropes that I felted aggressively so they would hold their shape when they dried. Using a Joomchi process similar to felting, I also created paper rods. I flipped Bisou’s mane all to one side and then attached the rods and ropes.

As a final step, I also added some light, random swirls on the nose and cheek. It gives a marbled effect and makes it look like my girl has tattoos to go with the righteous haircut.

Here are some photos of the final product.

This girl is one of my most favorite all time! My punk rock pony was accepted into the GALEX 56 Exhibition at the Galesburg Community Arts Center. The exhibition opens April 1 and was juried by world renowned artist Claire Ashley so I am humbled to be included and excited to see the other pieces in the exhibit.

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