Felted Lion head

Lion head made from felted wool and live edge locust wood with green eyes and multi-colored dreads for a mane.

There has been a lovely piece of locust sitting in my shop staring at me for awhile now and it finally revealed itself as a lion head just before the holidays.

Live edge locust slab

First, had my hubby stretch his bandsaw skills to give me the foundation.

Slab cut out for head

Then I started on building the face and deciding how to tie it into the wood.

Lion face in felt

Next came multiple batches of dreads and dry fitting. I think I created 4 batches in the end, thinking each time that I would most certainly have enough and being wrong.

Once I had enough dreads and was happy with placement, I started gluing and felting them in place. I then hung it for the first time and decided it was too heavy on the bottom left. Also realized I forgot ears!

Lion head first hanging

I moved some of the longer dreads up to thin that section out and added in the ears and this is the final product. He has a lion king kind of vibe to him that I really dig!

Final felt and wood lion head

Never one to waste wood, I took the bark cut off from the original locust slab and created a cute little owl with him. I call him Night Terror. Sorry I don’t have any in progress shots of this one.

Night Terror – The Locust Bark Owl

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