Clouded Leopard – snake,owl,puma part 3

For those following along in my series, I thought I would be creating a puma but instead the piece of wood that I found screamed clouded leopard. Thankfully I said “maybe a puma” so I think I am safe with not over promising. Here is my journey with the leopard: It always starts with a piece of wood and for spots, you can’t go wrong with spalted wood.

Spalted maple slab

This piece definitely gave off a large spotted cat vibe. So I went on a pinterest search and found this beauty courtesy of Amiee Stubbs and the Nashville Zoo to use as inspiration.

Then I started with finishing the wood. Being very careful to apply an ebony finish only into the spots. I also stained the bottom half of the slab for a branch that the leopard would rest on before putting poly on the wood.

Spalted Maple Stained to mimic leopard and branch

During this time, I also started blending fibers to match the color of the wood and rough shaping the head and paw.

Progress and color matching

First pass at the eye was pretty but when compared to the inspiration, I decided it was not pronounced enough.

Version 1

Then I had several days of work and apparently forgot that my phone was also a camera. This means you are going from version 1 to final version just like that! Keep in mind that this series is about the integration of wood and fiber to create an animal so my clouded leopard starts from a flat piece of wood and then expands into 3D with the fiber. I stayed true to my inspiration shot and took these outside. Please let me know what you think!

Clouded Leopard in Tree
Clouded Leopard in Tree

I will have one more in the series. He is an owl and he is turning out very cool. Can’t wait to show you! For those that have inquired about the availability of these pieces for sale, hold on for a few more weeks for an announcement from MOWA.

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