Frogs on the Brain

I have frogs on the brain. This comes naturally – my mother has been saving amphibians from making poor life choices on highways for years. Now I have tadpoles in the pond outside our house and think about frogs each morning as I make breakfast.

Tadpoles swimming in water
A few of at least 50 tadpoles in our pond

Thankfully, frogs are cute and goofy looking enough for me to want to create in multiples. The first one I tackled is the Banded Bullfrog, aka “chubby frog” that I named Moon. I wanted this one to be pretty realistic and even added a little bit of beading to get the horns on his back. The picture on the right was my inspiration shot – not too bad if I say so myself!

The second project is an entire bouquet of poison dart frogs. I can’t believe how many colors and designs these little guys come in naturally. Once I got started, it was difficult to stop. Now I need to make a second branch of them as well and I still want to do some additional clean up on these but I would like to introduce you to Bella, Castor, Hemlock, Sarin and Ricin.

5 needle felted poison dart frogs of varying colors on a curly locust branch.  Once is yellow/black/bue, one is aqua/black, one is green/blue/black polka dots, one is yellow/black/teal and the final is yellow and black with a coral design

I plan to make around 20 of these, all different, and let people choose 4-5 to include on a branch. However, I only have 2 cool curly locust branches left though so I need to come up with another option as well. Please comment on what you would suggest.

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