Bridging back into normalcy?

I learned to felt several years ago but it didn’t become my obsession until the last 2 years when I needed a creative outlet to offset a very technical exec role.

This week I had my first work trip since the pandemic began and with it, an opportunity to meet colleagues in person for the first time. I have lived a completely virtual experience for work up until now, so very few of my team knew of my obsession.

I work for a company whose logo is a bridge so I thought I would use that as inspiration both figuratively and literally and “bridged” my two worlds by making a felt clutch for a colleague that features the logo.

Navy blue wet felted clutch with Cisco bridge logo in white, black zipper and teal, blue and white tie dye felt rope handle.

I made a multi-colored rope handle that came out looking tie-dyed and debated between a snap closure or zipper and ultimately decided to put in the zipper (it was my first one ever so super glad I didn’t install it upside down or something).

My colleague was absolutely delighted with the purse and touched that I had thought of her. Receiving an actual hug of thanks from someone outside of my immediate bubble was long overdue and good for my soul. It made me want to have an Oprah moment “and you get a clutch and you get a clutch, everybody look under your chairs, you all get a clutch!”

I am back home now and exhausted from being out of practice with both travel and actual human interaction but it was worth it!

I would love to hear if and how others have also used their art as a bridge as we move back into some form of normalcy.

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