Creating a needle felted alpaca head

Needle felted alpaca head faux taxidermy mount. Alpaca has a tan neck, cheeks and ears, white mouth and nose and white, tan and brown dreadlocks made from wool yarn

I had saved this wonderful pin of an Alpaca a while back and have been considering doing an alpaca faux taxidermy head for a while.

I started with this as my first draft but wasn’t in love with his hair. I like it when my animals look a little doofy (not sure this is a word but I use it a lot anyway).

I happened to be working on a bag last week and was using some wool yarn roving to create stripes and started to wonder what it would look like as hair.

Lions brand wool ease yarn roving

I liked that this ball had multiple colors on it and started cutting random lengths to felt onto his head. I had every intention of pulling the roving out into more individual fibers once I had everything in place but ended up falling in love with his dreadlock look instead.

What do you think? I had a piece of cedar with a long neck on it that ended up being perfect for mounting this dude. He will go up for sale on my etsy store when I get back from a work trip.

Alpaca mounted on live edge cedar plank

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